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Do you know how much money better fleet management can save?

We know how.

Inovative solutions for your fleet

Regardless on fleet size and vehicle type, we have the best solution.

Have you already done complete fleet analysis?

At beginning we perform complete fleet analysis and check how you manage your fleet, and then we provide the solution for the most optimal management methods and cost reduction for your vehicle fleet.

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Do you have the best commercial conditions?

With the right vehicle selection, most favorable commercial conditions and optimal financing method and insurance it is possible to acchieve significant savings at the very beginning of the vehicle fleet forming.

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Can maintenance cost less?

We take care of organisation and performance of vehicle maintenance, tires, repairs – all that at the best commercial conditions on the market with possibility of replacement vehicle during the works on the vehicle.

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How to resolve damages quickly and efficiently?

In case of damage on the vehicle, wether it is caused by accident or any other cause, we take over the entire process from the moment of damage occurance until the vehicle repair and clearance with insurance company.

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Do you know how much real road assistance at the right time is worth?

During the entire period of vehicle use you have our road assistance at your disposition, 24/7 no matter where is your location – in- or out of country.

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How to replace the vehicle without any stress?

Even before the moment of vehicle replacement we take care about that and arrange acquisition of the new vehicle with you in timely manner. We also arrange the return of old vehicle, even the sell through the network of our partners.

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Do you wanna know how much money can we save for you?


You don’t need to believe us. Our customers testify our service.

I can rate our up-to-date cooperation with the highest grade.
Special praise I can give to your colleagues from operations department and extraordinary service actions, road assistance, as well as recording and repairing the damages on vehicles.

Also I have to mention the kindness of your administration colleagues and their patience with our requests for necessary documents and information.

Just keep on working like this, and I wish you all the best.

Dragan Milojković - Car fleet manager , ThyssenKrupp Materials Serbia
I am pleased to inform you that we are satisfied with your service. The reason for this lies in the fact that we have not spoken a word about vehicles with our colleagues since the moment they took over cars from you. The opinions of our co-workers that are using vehicles are also positive, that really matters to us.
Dragan Mirković - Sales manager, Haberkorn d.o.o.
I would never change you. That tells enough about my full satisfaction with cooperation with you. Everything is resolved quickly, efficiently and professionally. Thank you for your existence. You are an excellent team!!!
Sanjin Grković - Operations Director, PCA – Prikupljanje cena i analiza d.o.o.
I am pleased to recommend Car Fleet Management company that we are doing business with already for four years now. We are highly satisfied with the service quality, and all of our problems were resolved in timely manner. We think of their service as very professional and we can strongly recommend this company.
Rade Đukić - rukovodilac voznim parkom, Nobel Corporation d.o.o.
We have to express our satisfaction for the cooperation with your company. You have relieved us from all the worries for our vehicle fleet and enabled us to focus on our business and be even more professional in doing it, while you do your job professionally which is your specialty. Honestly, we have been afraid that you will not be able to provide adequate replacement vehicle in case of accidents, but it has arrived immediately after the accident. Your employee has brought adequate replacement vehicle directly to our premises and enabled us to continue our planned trip abroad on time.
Duško Zdjelar – Direktor, Energetix d.o.o.
Decision, that we have made 2014., to improve functioning of our car fleet and let it to expert management resulted in optimization of our car fleet total cost.
Specifics and variety of our car fleet in terms of ownership requires comprehensive knowledge of automotive industry, procurement and financing, maintenance, tax treatments… During detailed market research we have found that Car Fleet Management is the company that has resources to offer complete vehicle fleet management service and additionally tailor their services to our specific needs and business processes.
Professional car fleet management additionally positively reflected in other segments of our business that are closely linked to vehicle usage, such as CO2 emission management, economic aspects of the existing fleet and fleet replacement planning, care about vehicle users and their safety, improvement of internal procedures.
Based on our up-to-date cooperation we can confirm that we have built partnership relationship with Car Fleet Management company that enables overall cost optimization and helps in important business decisions making process.
Simona Milić - Car Fleet Coordinator SEE Region, Philip Morris Operations A.D. Niš
Up to date cooperation is at maximum professional level, from the moment of vehicle takeover, all documentation that has everything clearly explained, to instant reply to my inquiry. I have to praise your business.
Milan Milanović - Sales Representative, DRINKS HELL d.o.o.

Some of our customers

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