Car Fleet Management. Who are we?

fleetexpert logo_MFLEET EXPERT is brand name of the company Car Fleet Management d.o.o.

Our company is specialized in fleet management, no matter of their size and ownership model.

Our business is based on long experience in company management in the management of fleets, as domestic companies, as well as large international companies in the international environment.

What is Car Fleet Management?

car fleet management

Fleet Management is complex system of activities that using systematically coordinated and linked activities, continuously analytical approach to all events, and on-time reaction ensure sustainable fleet functioning, and by that keep company business active.

Car Fleet Management takes care about all eventsrelated to company car fleet, from acquisition, over registration, registration and insurance renewal, to
exploitation and care about all necessary actions like maintenance, tire change, damages, all until vehicle replacement with the new one.

Car Fleet Management provides the company with:

  • Maximal administration procedure simplification
    • complete fleet administration services outsourcing, including the control and processing of invoices. We suggest the „green office“ implementation into fleet activities, that assumes minimal printing and direct and indirect energy savings.
  • Simple and complete control over vehicle fleet costs
    • company gets fixed, known cost for the fleet throughout the exploitation period, that makes budgeting process much easier and more accurate;
    • completely transparent calculations;
  • Simple tracking of all vehicle fleet costs
    • all costs for individual vehicle are stated on only one invoice
  • Significant savings that systematic management provides through its control system
    • all vehicle fleet costs are pre-defined based on our professional experience, and by that brought to minimum
  • Unplanned costs void
    • all unplanned maintenance costs risks are taken over by us, conditional to users strictly following predefined maintenance schedule and proper vehicle usage
  • Complete mobility at any time
    • 24-hrs road assistance ensures mobility to all vehicle users and vehicles at any time
    • replacement vehicle service also ensures mobility in cases when leased vehicle is not operational due to malfunction, damage or similar event

Absolute focus on company core business that provide higher efficiency and business profitability.

Our Mission

The primary mission of our company is to offer the market a complete and efficient service fleet management and implementation of all previous experiences and ongoing maintenance, development and improvement of the quality and scope of services and satisfaction of our clients are constantly kept at the highest level.

car fleet management

Our Vision

Our vision is to become leading car fleet management service provider in the region, the one that will define car fleet management standards for the region.

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